Monthly direct debits with no minimum contract.

Payments taken on the 1st of every month.

One off £20 set up fee thereafter

STARTfit: 1 session per week £32 per month

GETfit: 2 sessions per week £45 per month

STAYfit: 3 sessions per week £54 per month

PROfit: Unlimited sessions per week £64.99 per month

If you wish to join before your first payment comes out, you will need to pay in advance. Simply ask your instructor and they will explain and work out the total due.

Pre-booking is necessary for all classes.

Weigh ins and fitness assessments will be on scheduled days once a month
You are entitled to our food diaries to get your eating on track
Unfortunately, if you do not use your allocated session within the month you will lose them
Sessions do not roll over I’m afraid
Please contact us for further details.

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