Personal Training

Do you feel nervous or anxious about going to gyms or classes?

Are you looking to lose weight and tone up in a shorter space of time? 

Do you feel like your training has plateaued? 

Are you looking for a kick start so you can then join a gym or group session? 

Or maybe you just need some extra guidance and experience along your fitness journey? 

Then Personal Training would be perfect for you! 

Personal Training is an extremely effective way of getting the results you want in a short space of time, be under no illusion though there is no magic pill you can take to get the weight off or fitness gains you desire but if you opt for the one on one training we can tailor each sessions down to the very last detail to ensure we help you get to your short term and long term goals as quickly and as safely as possible.

Personal Training sessions include:

  • Tailored fitness sessions specifically for your goals and needs 
  • Food diaries, to get your eating on track 
  • Regular weigh in and measurements to track your losses 
  • Fitness assessments to show you your fitness gains at regular intervals 
  • Eating plans if needed for that extra eating guidance 
  • Text and email support throughout your training 
  • The highest standard of training and personal support to make the journey that little bit easier  


  • 1 session £60
  • 5 sessions £250
  • 10 sessions £450
  • Any sessions bought are valid for 12 weeks 
Monthly direct debit plans are available at a discounted rate of £40 per session on a month to month contract. 

If you would like more information or to book your FREE consultation please do not hesitate to contact us TODAY! 

Our passion is to help train and support people on their fitness journey, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.